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Wearable Technology Domain Names

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What if you could have a domain name that reflects an expansion into a new territory or start up with a website domain to reflect your vision?

What if you already have a domain name for your business but are looking for more targeted traffic for new products your getting ready to introduce to the Wearable Tech market?

Do you want to get more exposure for your business for the least amount of money?  If so, having more than one domain for your business can be an option.  If you have multiple domains, this multiplies the chance of having a person click on a link to get to your website.

Gain the trust of people looking for your products and set your business up for success as the wearable technology market grows over the next couple for years.  Our domains are easy to remember and has the potential to become a brand in and of itself.

Having multiple domains doesn’t mean multiple websites.  By redirecting natural type-in traffic from the new domain to your existing website is quite simple.  Or, if you want to create another website targeting a niche product / keyword, you can do this as well.   Having multiple domains centered around your name and business increases the chances of the traffic going to you and not your competition.

Take advantage of some of our unique domains for lease to get you business going or to start targeting the wearable tech market.  Wearable Technology is a growing market about to explode onto the scene.  Juggernauts like Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft and a host of other companies are creating smart devices for this market.

Affordable Wearable Technology Domains

The Wearable technology market is to exceed $6B by 2016.  Put your company in position to take advantage of this growing trend with a memorable domain.  Our domains should see a significant uptick in type in traffic as new wearable products start to be introduced to the market and people start searching for gadgets and smart devices online.

We look at our domains as assets to help your company increase sales and visibility.   Don’t let your competitors one up you in online marketing and gain market share in the search engines.  With the right company using anyone of our domains, you can take advantage of the wearable tech market as it comes to fruition.

If you understand nothing at all about Search Engine Marketing, understand this: a URL that contains a popular-Powerful-search term is worth its weight in gold.

Make sure your domain stands out of the crowd like a giraffe at the zoo.  A great domain can lead to better market share in your industry.  Don’t let your competitors beat you to this.  If interested inpurchasing any one of our unique wearable domain names please contact us for more information.  Let us know what domain you are interested in and we will be in touch.